Storybook Package


Each package guarantees full 10 hour coverage of your day with 2 cinematographers and raw footage.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the documentary edits of the main events?

The documentary edits provide you with full versions of the main events, these are edited together between multiple cameras, colored, and audio mastered. They are provided to you conveniently in an online video playlist that can be watched anywhere (even cast to your smart TV). You can also easily share this link to friends and family.

What is Drone Coverage?

We provide drone shots in your highlight video which can include grand aerial views of the venue to aerial portraiture

What's the booking process like?

Inquire via our contact page and let me know what date your wedding is so we can determine our availability. We'll then ideally try and setup a phone call where I can answer any questions you may have. Finally there is a 25% deposit and contract that needs to be signed - and you're all set!

What's required leading up to the wedding?

We have you fill out two forms. One form gauges all the details of your day (the schedule, locations, etc...) Another form helps us personalize the wedding to you. We try and gauge what type of video you're looking for, what mood you're looking to set, and several other questions that guide how we'll edit and film. About a month before the wedding day we jump on a video call together and chat about the day and make sure we both are on the same page!

What is the turnaround time for the highlight video?

We have to sift through a lot of footage and combine it into a thoughtfully constructed film so it can take some time! Expect it within 2-3 months.